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What is CSR?


Corporate Social Responsibility – often abbreviated CSR – relates to the ways private companies influence society.

Simply put, businesses can't succeed in societies that fail. Seen from the other side, any society needs successful businesses to ensure development and growth. Put in other words, CSR is about pulling together for the benefit of all.

CSR is a global phenomenon gaining ground all over the world. In Scandinavia many companies have been working with it for decades, and the UK is probably where this development is most evident. But also in China, Russia and Brazil is CSR to an increasing extent becoming material to core business.

CSR is both new and not new at all in Greenland. The concept is new, and so is the strategic and systematic work in the area. But the activities related to CSR - employee contentment, working environment, social commitment and so forth - are no news at all. On the contrary, Greenlandic companies have been working with this for years as a natural way of operating.

But if there should really be a business case for CSR, it is necessary to work consciously and structured - and to communicate the company's performance. This is not about flaunting broadly about "how good we are", but the need to ensure that stakeholders know the company works with its responsibilities. To work with CSR can have a number of advantages for the company - better reputation in local society, attracting keeping and motivating employees, reducing expenses as energy consumption, sickness absence and turnovers decrease, while attracting and keeping clients.

Moreover, the international companies establishing themselves in Greenland also arrive with codes of conduct and CSR policies that suppliers need to comply with. This is also a very profound motivation for structuring and communicating the CSR effort. Finally it is of course in the interest of Greenlandic companies that society develops as positively as possible - and here the private sector plays a key role with its competence, ressources and efforts.

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CSR Europe, European CSR organization:
EABIS – European Association for Business in Society:


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