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CSR Greenland

About us

CSR Greenland was launched in October 2010. The organization was initiated by leading Greenlandic companies, along with the Employers’ Association of Greenland, first and foremost to further a positive social and economic development in Greenland, and secondly to help companies manage risks, and not least to seize growth opportunities inherent in a strategic approach to CSR. Greenland is facing significant challenges in respect to social and economic development, making it relevant and timely that all stakeholders work together to improve conditions and work together towards a shared goal of sustainable development. In this respect, the core foundation of CSR Greenland rests on the idea of creating shared value for society and business.



The organization's vision is to play a role in creating a social, economic and environmentally sustainable development in Greenland through a focus on the social responsibilities of companies and through innovative partnerships between the public and private sectors and civil society.


The mission of CSR Greenland is to be a sparring partner for the business community and the public when it comes to CSR, and through the organisation's activities promote the CSR agenda, develop tangible projects and initiatives, and also support member companies and help them work systematically with CSR.



The work of CSR Greenland is based on very clear and simple values, with a common responsibility and openness. The mutual driving force of the members is the recognition that, to be able to grow and be successful, companies need a society that is developing along a positive path. At the same time, society needs strong and successful companies to be able to grow and evolve. Central to this notion is that companies contribute in areas where they have competence, knowledge and resources – and that CSR Greenland partners and co-operates with public authorities, voluntary organizations and national/international organisations to jointly attain the best possible results. CSR Greenland wants to contribute to transparency and openness in all communication concerning companies' attitudes towards CSR.


UN Global Compact

CSR Greenland works with the UN Global Compact Principles at its core and focuses on the following themes:

·    Education and competence development

·    Inclusion and diversity

·    Environment

·    Health issues

·    Social issues focusing on children and youth

·    Anticorruption




Today, CSR Greenland has more than 40 members across sectors, representing a broad section of Greenlandic business life. An updated membership list can be found here.


Organization and governance

The top authority of the organization is the annual general meeting, which takes place every year in March. In this meeting, the attending members elect a board consisting of six to eight members. An updated list of board members can be found here.


Core activities

CSR Greenland has four focus areas:

Maintaining a dialogue with the public sector

The organisation wants to further develop Forum for Corporate Responsibility, which is CSR Greenland's think tank with a focus on how the public and private sector can co-operate to create new, strong solutions for Greenland.


Change agent

CSR Greenland wants to set the agenda for the CSR debate and contribute to a broader understanding of CSR related topics and their importance for business.


Partnerships and projects

CSR Greenland wants to work towards current as well as new partnerships and projects being carried out and developed within the chosen strategical areas.

Activities and the sharing of knowledge

CSR Greenland wants to develop tools and support that are relevant to business, and thereby support and strengthen the way companies contribute to a sustainable development in society.


Contact info

If you would like further information about the organization, please do not hesitate to contact CSR Greenland’s secretariat:

CSR Greenland

P.O. Box 73

3900 Nuuk


Email: csr@csr.gl

Phone: +299 36 37 16



You are invited!

Join us for a  workshop-oriented GCNN meeting focusing on sharing ideas, challenges and experiences! 

The meeting will be held at Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat, Greenland, on April 19-21, 2016

We are still expanding the program, which you can see here.

Please note that you are to:
1) Register for the meeting at csr@csr.gl
2) Book your flight with Air Greenland either through Greenland Travel or at www.airgreenland.com   
3) Book a hotel room at Hotel Arctic quoting the conference name at conference@hotel-arctic.gl
For all enquiries, please write amc@csr.gl.  



CSR Greenland       Jens Kreutzmannip Aqq. 3     Postboks 73     3900 Nuuk     csr@csr.gl     +299 363716


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